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motor installation services

The importance of the motor unit in any garage door cannot be emphasized because this unit controls the smooth opening and closing of your garage door. Any device is subject to damage and the motor unit of your garage door is no exception. What happens when you garage door refuses to open/ close or it makes an annoying noise while in operation? Your best bet is to call Staten Island garage door repair for your new motor installation or repair. Our expert technical crew have years of experience in the installation of motor unit for garage doors and we ensure that you get the right replacement for your door.

Also, our services are not only limited to new motor installation but we also carry routine maintenance and servicing of your motor units alongside other components of your garage door. At garage door repair company our eyes for detail and dedication is second to none as we ensure that we check and service all components to ensure proper functioning and longevity of your garage motor. In our years of experience, many people have been convinced by local or inexperience technicians to purchase a new motor unit or even garage doors. This can be avoided by seeking the opinion and services of technicians skilled in garage doors. When it comes to new motor installation for your garage doors, we are simply the best. We are open for repair, maintenance and installation of your garage motor unit. Discounts and special bonuses are available for our customers.